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infinite session ipa

Good hoppy nose. Good flavour on the open but then quickly fades into a fresh pea flavour. Tastes a bit like chewing on freshly shelled peas. Solid body and bitterness which if I was having a few would be good. Rothaus Hefe Weizen Alkoholfrei is lovely but gets a bit sickly after the 3rd one.

Not sure about this one to be honest. It's better than Becks Blue but that's not saying a lot. Probably not one I'll seek out tbh.


A nice beer for cold weather as the name would suggest. Has the flavour of a strong rich porter. Like an 8% monster, but being a low abv beer without the alcohol twang a bit less syrupy too. More body than a Guinness.

Would go great in the winter sat next to a log fire.